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Jenny Gunning – Style…

Style… ⁠ ⁠

I think as a business and personally, our massive love and passion for all things printmaking comes through, as this is what founded the business way back when my Father (Dave Gunning) started etching and printmaking when he was a young degree student! ⁠ ⁠Drypoint workshop with Jenny Gunning

We are practising full time printmakers and we love love what we do here in Ironbridge, Shropshire. We hand build our Gunning Etching presses and studio equipment here as well and have done since 1980.


My Style – I am a specialist printmaker.⁠ I make plates, exhibit, sell and teach the following… drypoint, collagraph’s, lino, woodcut, reductions, editioning, registering, etching, photo-etching using photopolymer, emulsion and solar plates and dry-film, monotype and monoprinting.⁠

Gunning Etching Press with Artwork by Jenny Gunning

I am firstly an etcher and I love copper, zinc, steel and Aluminium and all the different aquatints, acids and mordents that can be used to make plates. ⁠ In my incredibly designed studio I can do any form of printmaking I like and I love and appreciate that so much! ⁠


I have so so many customers coming in to try all the different presses we sell so they can choose the right one for them and its great having everything at hand and ready to go.


I love the printmaking community as well and I love to share…to get as many people printmaking as possible…⁠ ⁠ Thanks for listening and if any of you would like any more info about my work or our Gunning Etching presses and equipment, my work or the workshops, gallery, exhibitions and anything else we do then just get in touch. ⁠



Thank you for reading!


Happy Printmaking!


All the best,


Jenny & The Team!


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