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Me and press 1

Gunning press printmakers of the week- Jane Spink

This weeks Gunning press printmaker is the wonderfully talented Jane who run’s Inky dog studio’s, the owner of a Gunning press Number 1 Direct drive. We sat down with Jane to understand why she loves printmaking on her Gunning press.Me and Hens

Tell us about yourself…

“My name is Jane Spink. I am an artist who likes to work with printmaking techniques.
I’ve loved nature from early childhood and this is the main inspiration for my art. I
work from my 2nd floor home studio in Essex. It’s a fairly small space, but I have a
wonderful view of a windmill! I walk daily in a National Trust owned area close to my
home, where I gather ideas and images to use in my work.”

How did you or your organization get into printmaking?

Collagraph reveal“I originally trained as a Textile Designer at Art School and focused heavily on surface
decoration, shapes and colour. Many years later, whilst working as an Art Teacher, I
decided to use simple printmaking techniques with my pupils. I loved the process and
the strong, graphic results and decided to use the techniques in my own work. The
rest is history!”

How would you describe your artwork? 

“I like to work with different techniques, including collage, linocut and cyanotype either separately or together as mixedmedia. I also experiment with monotype and
collagraph, but still have much to learn about these techniques! My favourite printmaking technique is linocut as it is a relatively straight foward process and also quite versatile to use. I like to work in smallmedium scale and most of my work
depicts birds, insects, mammals and botanical subjects in varying combinations. I enjoy the challenge of fine detail and this often comes across in the pieces I make.”

Gull block 1
How do you plan to take your artwork forward?

“I am constantly learning and developing as an artist, refining my skills and
experimenting with new ones. I also enjoy taking photographs and I frequently use
the images I capture as source and inspiration for my prints. I am working to develop
my photography skills which will naturally feed the development of my printmaking.
I have started working more with monotype and collagraph and definitely aim to
develop my use of these processes in my artwork. I am currently writing a book on
linocut printing, which I am very excited about! I am really enjoying the challenge of
creating inspiring linocut projects for my readers to learn from and develop their own
skills. The book is due to be published at the start of 2024.”

Why did you feel a Gunning Etching press was the best fit for you and your artwork?

“I initially handburnished all of my linocut prints before I decided to invest in a
printing press. Prior to purchasing my Gunning Etching press, I used a little wooden
book press, and more recently a larger wooden with which I could achieve greater
pressure and make bigger work. However, I have always loved the idea of having a
traditional etching press and because I wanted to work with intaglio processes as well
as lino, this was the perfect reason to take the plunge! After doing some research and
asking other printmakers, I settled on my Gunning press. The No. 1 Etching press (A3
size) is perfect for me with my limited space by far my best purchase in recent years!”

What’s your favorite feature on the Gunning Etching press that helps your printmaking process?

“This has got to be the lovely turning wheel! It’s so easy to operate smoothly and looks
absolutely wonderful in my studio. I have the press standing in the window and often
catch passersby staring up at it! I also love the registration bed so useful and I’m
really glad I asked for this option to be included!”

What would you say to someone thinking about purchasing a Gunning etching press?Hens reveal

“I would recommend without hesitation. The presses are wonderful to look at and to
use and the customer service is second to none! Jenny drove my press all the way
from Shropshire down to Essex and then set it up for me and a few months later
when I was having a little trouble (due to my own inexperience!), Dave drove down to
Rayleigh and resolved my issues I really couldn’t ask for more!”

Any other comments you would like to share with our blog readers?

Me and press 1“These are excellent presses and can deal wonderfully with just about any printmaking
processes you wish to throw at them! If, like me, you are new to using an etching
press, please allow some time for the inevitable learning curve. The process of using
an etching press is very different to other presses but patience will pay off and you
will soon be making amazing quality prints!”

To see more off Jane’s work you can find her at…

Website: www.inkydogstudio.com
Instagram: @inkydogstudio

TikTok: @inkydog_studio


Thank you for reading!

Happy Printmaking!

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Ellie & The Team!


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