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Gunning press printmakers of the week- Andy Abram

This weeks Gunning press printmaker is the wonderfully talented Andy Abram, the owner of a Gunning press Number 3 direct drive. We sat down with Andy to understand why he loves printmaking on his Gunning press.


Tell us about yourself…DSCF1012

“I’m 52 and live in the Conwy Valley in North Wales. Originally a graphic designer, I ran a successful new media agency for 22 years before moving here from Cheshire. I’m lucky enough to be retired from my ‘day job’ now, so printmaking is something I’m able to concentrate more on these days. I live with my wife and stepdaughter in a beautiful part of North Wales, so there’s plenty of inspiration all around me.”

How did you get into printmaking?

“I studied Graphic Design at College and Uni, so Printmaking was part of the curriculum. I remember really liking the process, particularly linocut. Which is what I concentrate on now. Plus, the experience I gained in print design in my early career gave me an appreciation of colour separation and art working, which definitely comes into play with my printmaking.”


How would you describe your artwork?DSCF1017

“I produce short run multi-layer reduction linocut prints. Mainly landscapes, inspired by my own original photographs. I tend to stick to Caligo Safewash inks and print on Somerset papers. I usually aim for between 10 and 20 finished prints.”

How do you plan to take your artwork forward?

“Well up until recently printmaking has been a hobby really, but I’m able to spend more time on it now.”

“I’ve recently started a new series based on stone – standing stones, bolders etc that I’ve come across in the local landscape. The textures are fascinating, and the locations are stunning. I’ve finished one print and working on 2 more right now, with plans for many more. There’s an endless supply of material in the locality.”

DSCF1005“I’d like to get them entered into printmaking exhibitions, and maybe even show them as a series eventually.”

“I’ve also booked a photogravure course with Ironbridge Printmakers. I’ve been interested in it for a while, so it’ll be great to learn something new and expand my printmaking skills with Jenny.”

DSCF1034Why did you feel a Gunning Etching press was the best fit for you and your artwork?

“I’d spent a good number of years using a basic wind-down press and a small craft press, which were ok, but I wanted to produce larger prints on a ‘proper’ press. I researched quite a few, but the Gunning press seemed to tick all the boxes and it looks fantastic too.”

“I spent 3 months converting an old wooden stable in my garden to be my studio. It’s a great space and the Gunning press is perfect in there.”

What’s your favourite feature on the Gunning Etching press that helps your printmaking process?

“The massive wheel! It’s so easy to use, and the consistency I can achieve with the press is perfect. I also opted for the stand with wheels, which means I can push the press to one side when not in use, which is also very handy.”

DSCF1031Most printmakers have a name for their press, does your Gunning etching press have a nickname?

“Er, not really, haha. I hadn’t thought to do that to be honest, maybe I should think of one now!”

What would you say to someone thinking about purchasing a Gunning etching press?

“Just do it, you won’t regret it. Don’t settle for anything inferior, the quality of these presses is excellent.”

To see more off Andy’s work you can find him at…



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