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Choosing an Etching Press

The Gunning Arts Etching Press is a firm favourite of artists and printmakers all over UK, Europe and the rest of the world.  Designed and built to exacting standards here in Shropshire, the presses have been used to create prints that feature in the Royal Art Collection and other prestigious collections all over the world.  We also have one of our presses on permanent display at Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum.

Buying an etching press is an investment and one that’s important to get right.

If you are an experienced printmaker looking for your own machine or looking to get started with making prints, or if you run an art department in a college or university, this guide will help to show what you should look for on a press and how to get the best out of it.  The guide contains information on quality and design of the press, geared or direct drive rollers, printing blankets and pressure and much more.  It’s a must read if you are choosing an etching press to print etchings, linos, woodcuts, dry-points, collograph, mono-prints – any intaglio or relief surface.

Choosing an Etching Press that’s right for you

Choosing an etching press

If you have any questions about the guide please feel free to email us.

Download your free ‘Choosing an Etching Press’ guide here: Download Etching Press Guide