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Ironbridge Fine Arts 2024 Exhibition

Ironbridge Fine Arts Summer 2024 – Fine Art Exhibition

Summer Fine Art Exhibition Dates: 8th June – 31st August 2024

Join us for an enchanting Summer Exhibition, where we present a vibrant and diverse collection of artworks. This year, we are thrilled to feature an array of artistic mediums, including Printmaking, Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Pottery, Jewellery, and Fused Glassware.

Here’s a closer look at some of the featured artists and their remarkable works that you can expect to find:

D A V E  G U N N I N G 

Dave Gunning, whose artistic journey began with a remarkable achievement at the age of 14, having three pieces accepted into the prestigious Royal Academy. Since then, his creative prowess has left an indelible mark on the art world, spanning numerous exhibitions and commissions. His latest exhibition, showcasing the captivating Blackcountry Panorama – a collection of nine Etched Steel plates and series of Intaglio Etchings that highlight his unwavering dedication to his craft. Gunning’s artwork adorns both public and private collections, including a prestigious spot in Her Majesty’s Royal Collection, solidifying his status as an esteemed artist. Reflecting on past achievements, Gunning fondly recalls greeting Her Majesty The Queen during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, a moment that inspired the refinement of his work now proudly displayed in Buckingham Palace. His enduring contribution to the arts is evident in every stroke of his brush and etching on his plates.

J E N N Y    G U N N I N G

Growing up, I was surrounded by printmaking, thanks to my lifelong printmaker father and art teacher Mom. The sights, sounds, and smells of ink, etching plates, and printing presses were my daily companions. At the age of 7, I created my first aquatint etching, a majestic whale, and that first-ever print reveal had me hooked for life.

As a child, I dreamed of becoming a printmaker. Drawing all the time. That childhood dream became my reality. Creating art isn’t just a choice for me; it’s an intrinsic part of who I am. I constantly produce new work because it’s a compulsion I can’t resist.

I permanently exhibit my work in my beautiful Gallery here in Ironbridge, which we have had for 18 years, before that I had a small Gallery in Ironbridge and before that, I was at the top of my garden.

K A T Y A  T I M O S H E N K O 

Katya Timoshenko is a multimedia artist based in London, celebrated for her innovative approach and exploration of diverse techniques. Her recent work focuses predominantly on printmaking, a medium through which she has found profound expression and creativity.

In 2022, Katya was honored with the status of Associate Member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (ARE), marking a significant milestone in her artistic journey. She is passionate about the tactile nature of printmaking and the boundless opportunities it offers for experimentation and discovery.

Beyond printmaking, Katya’s artistic repertoire includes painting on glass to create both two- and three-dimensional sculptures. These pieces draw inspiration from seventeenth-century iconography, blending historical elements with contemporary practices. This integration of historical motifs adds depth and context to her work, aligning seamlessly with her broader artistic vision.

Katya’s art often delves into self-exploration, addressing internal conflicts and dialogues with her alter ego. Additionally, her work narrates the rich tapestry of old Ukrainian philosophical fables, offering viewers a window into cultural and philosophical narratives.

In 2024, Katya’s exceptional talent was recognized when she won the prestigious Ironbridge Fine Arts Printmaking Competition. This accolade is a testament to her skill, creativity, and dedication to her craft.

Through her diverse body of work, Katya Timoshenko continues to push the boundaries of traditional art forms, creating pieces that are both visually captivating and intellectually stimulating.

A M A N D A   H I L L I E R

Living in the Ironbridge Gorge, the juxtaposition of landscape, industrial heritage and natural forces is daily evident, and I enjoy seeking out these contrasts in other landscapes to inform my work.

I create linoprint illustrations from places with meaning to me. Architecture and nature are at the heart of my work and in my print process I’m interested in softening the visual structure of linoprint line art with ‘freely’ created contrast.
Using acrylic ink washes, stencils and collagraph achieves the dynamism and tension I require for my subject.

I graduated Lincoln College of Art studying Graphic Design & Illustration in the late 80’s. More recently I have gained a City & Guilds in Textile decoration at Westhope College achieving a distinction

I have exhibited around the Midlands and North Wales including The Mostyn Gallery in Llandudno and The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists.

Currently I create graphics and illustrative printmaking for Telford & Wrekin Council and heritage and nature organisations such as the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, Canal and River Trust and RSPB.
I teach linoprint workshops to organisations including art societies, schools, councils and events.

To View and Purchase Amandas work please click here

G R A E M E  S T O R E Y 

Graeme’s artwork is a heartfelt reflection of his deep appreciation for nature’s beauty. Inspired by his travels and his home in Shropshire, he has created a vibrant collection of landscapes full of life. Using a range of media, including pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and pastel, Graeme captures the essence of the landscape in its many forms.

As an art conservationist, Graeme has a unique perspective on the beauty of imperfections. This is evident in his choice of papers, which add texture and depth to his work. His paintings are a celebration of the natural world and the joy of living within it, highlighting the intricate details and subtle nuances that make each scene unique.

To View and Purchase Graemes’ work please click here

G A R E T H   D A Y 

Gareth Day’s drone photography soars above the familiar, revealing the hidden beauty and unexpected patterns within landscapes. Growing up in Northern Ireland, surrounded by stunning natural beauty, ignited his lifelong passion for capturing the essence of a place. His aerial views unlock a fresh perspective, transforming the world below into a canvas of textures, colours, and shapes. Gareth’s work celebrates the transformative power of seeing the ordinary in a new light. From his roots near Belfast to his current home in Ironbridge, Shropshire, he masterfully blends technology and artistry to reimagine the natural world.

Gareth’s latest collection, “Severn’s Journey through Shropshire: A Skyward Perspective,” is a captivating visual odyssey that traces the meandering path of the River Severn as it carves its way through the heart of Shropshire. Captured from the skies above, this collection offers an unparalleled view of the towns, villages, and landscapes embraced by the river’s journey. Each photograph serves as a window into the unique character and beauty of Shropshire, from the quaint charm of riverside communities to the majestic tranquility of untouched landscapes. Gareth’s aerial photography elevates the viewer to new heights, providing a fresh perspective on the intricate relationship between water and land. Through his lens, the River Severn becomes a living entity, with each bend and curve telling its own story of the natural and human history interwoven along its banks.

To View and Purchase Gareth’s work please click here

L I Z Z Y   G U N N I N G

Celebrating ….

The blues of the oceans and the greens of the meadows.

Combine these with the alchemy of the Phoenix


the mud of Mother Earth.


I give into the shape forming that expresses a deep gratitude of simply being alive.

Feel their energies and sink into the blue oceans of time,

And relax into the green meadows of springtime.

Lizzy Gunning 


Also discover new works from our Core Artists including

Ron Daker     Greg Anston Race 
Eric Gaskell   Diana Wayne    Paul Gooderham     Helen Arthur 
Liz Simmons   Janet Jordan    Jo Mollart Highfield   
Tim Wayne    Greg Anston Race 


As a family-run independent Gallery, your continued support means the world to us and allows us to support a wide range of artists.  We look forward to sharing this exciting celebration of incredible artists with you


Karen Ulph Exhibition 1st March -31st May 2024

Karen Ulph is well known for her dreamlike abstracts. There is a wonderful experience to be had as a viewer in that every time you look you find something new. Her work is heavily influenced by both the places in which she has lived, and those through which she’s traveled. Moving to Shropshire in 2014 from the south coast she now has a studio at home where she has been quietly working on building a new body of work.


Karen Ulph talks about her work…

“I love feeling the wildly different landscapes as you travel and how through our connection to them, they shape us. Getting to know Shropshire and North Wales has just been wonderful, there are so many hidden gems and all kinds of wilderness. The thing that thrills me the most is feeling the magic that is held within the land still. When I was a child, as a family we moved country a lot. It was a great experience in many ways to be infused with various diverse cultures, soaking up folk and fairy tales of all kinds from the places that we traveled.”

“All of my pieces have their own personalities. In the beginning I spend a great deal of time mixing colour and writing directly onto the canvas. Prayers, lyrics, mantras and other kinds of written devotions are lovingly scribed into the canvas in the first few layers. Following this is a process of piling on and scraping off paint, making whimsical marks with pencil, scratching, smudging. The canvases are turned in many different directions as they form and find balance. Once they begin to take shape I spend more time looking at the paintings than making marks on them. As they develop, their personalities begin to form and it is at this point they all spend time outside of the studio, hung around the house where I can see them on a daily basis. Being engaged with them in this way I can slow things down as the final gentle refinements are made. It’s the most precarious part of the journey that we share, the possibility being that too much of any move made may result in a whole new direction being taken. There comes a point where everything just feels peaceful when looking at them, this is when I know there is nothing more to be done and they are complete.”

Below are a selection of our favourity peices on display. You can also Click here to view the full collection of work available by Karen Ulph

Fine Art Exhibition at Ironbridge Fine Arts Featuring Graeme Storey

Graeme Storey Exhibition -Summer 2023 Ironbridge Fine Arts

Spring 2024 Fine Art Exhibition featuring Karen Ulph

Spring 2024 – Fine Art Exhibition Featuring Karen Ulph

Fine Art Exhibition at Ironbridge Fine Arts featuring Linda Samuel

Linda Samuel Exhibition – Summer 2023 Ironbridge Fine Arts

Come and immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes that Linda Samuel has captured in her latest collection of paintings. Born and raised in Ironbridge, Linda has been fortunate enough to call this beautiful county her home for her entire life. However, it is the breathtaking scenery of North Wales and the Lake District that truly inspires her work.

Linda’s passion for painting began in her teenage years and has since become a compulsion to capture the mood, atmosphere, and colors of the landscapes that surround her. Her use of texture and rich colors draws you in, allowing you to experience the power of the waves crashing against the shore or the peacefulness of the forest, making you feel as though you are right there with her.

Don’t miss out on the chance to see Linda’s incredible artwork, along with the other amazing local and national artists on display at our Summer exhibition. We can’t wait to share it all with you.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Gallery and sharing all the amazing Artists and Artwork

Customer Spotlight - Elena Cassidy Smith

Artist Spotlight- Elena Cassidy Smith

Elena is one of wonderful customers whose artwork we have enjoyed framing and seeing her artwork come to life. It’s been a delight working with her and seeing the beautiful pieces that she has created for her PhD. We sat down with Elena to discuss her work and how our framing and mounting services helped bring her visions to life.

What brought you to Ironbridge fine arts?Elena Cassidy Smith Blog with Ironbridge Fine Arts

“I needed to get some work framed for my practice-based PhD and I wanted to use a local framer. I have used Ironbridge fine arts in the last year for some work and was really impressed with the care and attention they give to helping choose frames, mounts, and glass.”

How did your journey into being an artist begin?

“I have been a freelance artist for many years. I completed my BA Fine Art degree in 1993. I then went on to complete an MA Fine Art qualification in 2019 and I am now currently undertaking a Phd. I have exhibited all over the UK and worked on many projects in the public realm. I have been a mentor for emerging artists, acted on advisory boards and I am now pursuing a teaching career alongside my own practice.”

How would you describe your artwork?

Elena Cassidy Smith Blog with Ironbridge Fine Arts“I am a live and visual artist whose work is concerned with site contextual or site-responsive situations that are sensitive to time, place, and people. My work often examines the overlooked and obscure, tapping into oral histories, collective understandings, and forgotten truths. I create narrative interventions that invite audiences to participate, comment and create. My work often sets up humorous or subtle paradoxes in the everyday and mundane and seeks to be a playful intervention in unexpected places.”

“I use a variety of materials in my work, with paper, textiles and old objects being consistently used to explore ideas. My work is often sculptural, but I also incorporate film, photography, poetry and performance into creating pieces.”

How do you plan to take your artwork forward?

Elena Cassidy Smith Blog with Ironbridge Fine Arts“My practice-based Phd is exploring the ontology of time. I am investigating temporal experience and temporal phenomenology through the lens of the philosophy of physics, theoretical physics and the social sciences. This enquiry has strengthened my research skills, stretched my artistic practice and broadened my understanding of transdisciplinary approaches to identifying new knowledge.” 

What would you say about the Framing, Giclee Printing and scanning services at Ironbridge fine arts?

“The services at Ironbridge fine arts are wonderful. Sarah and her team have been so helpful and have really understood my framing needs. I strongly believe in using local services where possible and I am fortunate to live so near this wonderful framers.”   

What would you say to someone who is thinking of using the services at Ironbridge Fine Arts?

“The framing is to a very high standard and the advice given when consulting about the choice of frame is excellent. The choice of frames, mounts and glass is so impressive. I would highly recommend the services.”

Elena Cassidy Smith Blog with Ironbridge Fine ArtsvHas the Ironbridge Fine Art’s team helped to elevate your artwork using the creative ways of bespoke framing and mounting a piece?

“Absolutely! Sarah has been so very helpful and knowledgeable about framing my unconventional pieces. Her expertise has been greatly appreciated.”

How can our readers find you?



Fine Art Exhibition at Ironbridge Fine Arts featuring Vic Sayers

Printmaking and Paintings by Vic Sayers Summer 2023

Fine Art Exhibition at Ironbridge Fine Arts Featuring John Roger Bradley 2024

John Roger Bradley Summer 2024

Amanda HIller Linocut Prints will feature in our Summer 2024 Exhibition

Amanda Hillier Summer 2024

Ironbridge Fine Arts Spring 2023 Exhibition

Spring Exhibition

From March 1st to May 26th, we’ll be showcasing an incredible selection of artwork including printmaking, paintings, drawings, pottery, jewellery, fused glassware, and photography.

We’re thrilled to feature the works of some of the most talented artists in the industry such as Jenny Gunning, Dave Gunning, Liz Gunning, Su France, Karen O’Neill, Greg Anston Race, Gillian Stoakes, Helen Arthur, Liz Simmons, Eric Gaskell, Diana Wayne, Paul Gooderham, Janet Jordan, Jo Mollart Highfield, and Tim Wayne.

We can’t wait to share this experience with you, so make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of fine arts. Come and join us at Ironbridge Fine Arts and get ready to be inspired!

We look forward to seeing you

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