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Moatzart Ironbridge fine arts Blog Feature

Gunning press printmaker of the week – Alexandra Motiu

This weeks Gunning press printmaker is the incredibly talented Alexandra who runs her business Moatart. Alexandra is a passionate printmaker who rekindled her love for printmaking during the pandemic and has been hooked since. Creating the most wonderful lino-cut prints that tell wonderful little stories with in them.

Tell us about yourself…Moatzart Ironbridge fine arts Blog Feature

“I’m a printmaker and illustrator living in Brighton, UK, originally from Romania! I specialise in relief printmaking and have been doing this full time for two years, and part-time for the past year! I have finished an arts degree and have been working in the arts since, and am now doing an Illustration MA at UAL!”

How did you or your organization get into printmaking?

“I was introduced to etching in my teens by a well-known Romanian painter and printmaker called Matei Serban Sandu. I did this on and off for a couple of years, but I then never had the opportunity to do this again, as I chose a very conceptual course for my art degree. I did Fine Art Critical Practice at Brighton University, so my work was very different then. During lockdown, I, as everyone, had a lot of time on my hands so I started making relief prints, and I just never stopped! It all snowballed and became a full blown business and career!”

Moatzart Ironbridge fine arts Blog Feature Moatzart Ironbridge fine arts Blog Feature

How would you describe your artwork? 

“I would say that my work always involves people. I love woefully strange characters, and overly detailed and ornate prints! And I love illustrating stories too! Definitely quite surreal and I think my aim is to keep people looking, where every time they look they discover something new!”

Moatzart Ironbridge fine arts Blog FeatureHow do you plan to take your artwork forward?

“Having started this Masters course in illustration I am hoping to be making more and more work, hopefully ultimately to be able to illustrate books! I want to get more familiar with reduction printing as I love colour, as well as experiment with etching again, which I get to do on my course and at home with my beautiful Gunning Press! I love delving into seriously complicated topics, so my Heaven and Hell series is taking front stage at the moment!”

Why did you feel a Gunning Etching press was the best fit for you and your artwork?

“I firstly really needed to print volume, and to get more consistent results than printing by hand! I also wanted to use professional printmaking paper as opposed to thinner alternatives, as I was started selling my work in art galleries! I can print up to 150 prints in one day on my beautiful press! I also wanted the variety it provides, as it can print virtually any printmaking technique! I expect to have my press for life, so I didn’t want to be limited to just relief!”Moatzart Ironbridge fine arts Blog Feature

What’s your favourite feature on the Gunning Etching press that helps your printmaking process?

“The Registration bed is such a stunningly beautiful addition to it, I love how useful and beautiful it is, and how well it protects the press too! Haha this is a small detail, but I love that I can turn the tommy bars without having to move the press away from the wall, as they also turn inwards, but I work in a small studio space and I was so happy about this!”

Most printmakers has a name for their press, does your Gunning etching press have a nickname?

“I still don’t! I know one day I had such a brilliant idea that I have forgotten, and I keep trying to remember! I think I should just think of a new one! I am so bad at naming things!”

What would you say to someone thinking about purchasing a Gunning etching press?

“It is without a doubt one of the best investments I have ever made as an early career professional printmaker!”

Moatzart Ironbridge fine arts Blog FeatureWhere can our readers find your work? 

“My website is www.moatzart.co.uk, and that’s where you can also subscribe to my monthly newsletter for news about all of this! That is also where you can find my shop!

You can also find me in IO Gallery in Brighton UK, with some of my work in the Fabrica Gallery shop in Brighton too!”

Any other comments you would like to share with our blog readers?

“I really hope original print techniques become more and more known! If you love this process, as a hobby or as a collector, share your passion far and wide!”



To see more off  Alexandra’s work you can find her at…

Website: http://www.moatzart.co.uk
Blog: http://www.moatzart.co.uk/blog 
Shop: http://www.moatzart.co.uk/shop 

Instagram: @moatzaart
Facebook: @moatzaart
Twitter: @TheMoatzart
Pinterest: @TheMoatzart
Youtube: TheMoatzartAlexandra
Tiktok: @moatzaart

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Happy Printmaking!

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Ellie & The Team!

Picture of Ellie Williams

Ellie Williams

Ellie is a part of the Ironbridge Fine Arts team and has been for over three years, serving as an administrative professional and a printmaking assistant. With a specialised background and a BA (HONS) in Textile Design specialising in screen print & surface pattern design, her expertise enhances the vibrant, creative environment of our studio. Ellie's role involves supporting our printmakers and facilitating the diverse array of printmaking ventures, all while nurturing her own passion for colour and design within the flourishing artistic community at Ironbridge.