“I recently completed a project that has been in the works for a number of years.  A collection of antique county maps, some already framed and in need of re-framing and some that had yet to be framed.
Given the nature of the job, I don’t think two maps are the same size, and I wanted them to be both similar and different at the same time, this would going to be tricky even in normal times, but Covid restrictions meant that I had to drop them off with Sarah and then conduct a video call to discuss frames and mounts
One of the things I like most about everyone at Ironbridge Fine Arts is that they are open to working with you, and will provide as much or as little feedback as you want.  We must have spent an hour looking at different frames and at no time did Sarah make me feel like I had to rush the decision or that I was making completely the wrong choices.  Part of me thinks this is because I have used the team for four years on a variety of posters, documents, clothes and now a cigarette case, but also because that’s just how they approach things.
I can’t thank you all enough for the excellent work you’ve done for me.  Every time I bring something new, in the enthusiasm to make it better than I imagined is clear from the moment i open the bag.  I’ve got a couple more items up my sleeve for later this year, but I know that no matter what I bring in you’ll all be up for the challenge and I will be walking away with something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.”
I haven’t yet hung the maps, I keep going back and forth on the positioning and some googling has confirmed that I only need four maps of the German equivalents to cover the areas I lived in, so I’m plotting where I’d put those too!  Once I’ve got everything hung up, I’ll take some photos and do the video I talked about.  Hopefully that will be done early next week, as I need to stop procrastinating and just make the decisions.