Future Exhibitions

Robert Bowers Sculpture

Ironbridge Fine Arts 2020 Spring Exhibition featuring Robert Bowers

“My work is based on form and function. The abstraction of form to create function. The pieces reflect influences from north wales and its landscapes. Each piece is taken through numerous sketch stages until the final design has been decided. Each piece is a journey of the chisel and the artist. The materials used will…

Hannah Broadhead

Hannah Broadhead Exhibiting 1st March to May 31st 2020

“Within a painting there is a narrative, it can be a character that may have had a shared experience or emotional state. I am able to explore these moments, feelings, these flickers of wonderment through oils. The figurative form is the perfect platform to explore different stories for example a face can show emotion, the…

Claire O Hagan Printmaker

Exhibition Embracing Women by Claire O Hagan From 1st June 2019 With private View on 31st May 2019

Embracing Women features a series of drawings and prints created over a period of two decades by Claire O Hagan. Based on life drawing studies, each artwork explores female sexuality through O Hagan’s personal vision: “I’m acutely aware, as a feminist, of the restrictive and commodified depiction of women’s bodies in both advertising and pornography” O Hagan writes. “I really felt…