Spring Exhibition at Ironbridge Fine Arts

We are looking forward to having our Spring exhibition on Display. We’ve got lots of amazing artwork to go up including Artists Teresa Barlow and Eric Gaskell who are new to exhibit with Ironbridge Fine Arts. All work will be added to the online shop for sale and available in the Gallery to view. The exhibition will be…


Robin Holder exploring The River Severn source to sea for winter exhibition

“Exploring the river from source to sea and through the seasons, traveling on foot and in my handbuilt canoe, I’m hoping to rediscover a subject I’ve been painting for 20 years.”

Take a look at his journey so far..

Robin’s exhibition will be on display at Ironbridge Fine Arts December 2018

More about our Artists….. Jo Mollart-Highfield

Photography and Jewellery design are not normally two passions that you expect to see combined.  That is precisely what you get with my first collection which is currently on display and for sale at Ironbridge Fine Arts. I had my first camera when I was about five and ever since it is rare to see…


Choosing the Right Glass for Framing your Artwork

We have a wide range of glass options for customers to choose from when framing your Artwork giving a range of protection, reflection, and visual clarity. To help you choose the right glass to suit your Artwork we wanted to give you an insight into our amazing Speciality Glass Options   Art glass 99  This is a…


How do we frame your Wedding Dress?

How do we frame your Wedding Dress?   Your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life. Regardless of how much you spend on your wedding dress, it is a sentimental gown that you should protect to remember your big day! We can frame dresses of all shapes and sizes, so whether…


How to frame over three centuries worth of history?

Being a framer comes with many amazing privileges, one of which is seeing a huge array of Artwork, from Picasso and Lawry to Damien Hirst, Norman Ackroyd, Tracey Emin as well as new and emerging Artists from all around the world. A job that we have just completed is the framing of two original posters…


About our Artists… Maxine Berryman

My work explores spiritual life, the higher self and awakening. The mono-prints are created in a still meditative state that accesses pure consciousness, the power of presence itself. I work in stillness with no active thought and allow the work to manifest with automatic marks made directly on to the inked surface of the plate. Without trying…


Make a Wish….

The legend of the wishing sick… In 1926 the legend of the Wishing stick was born. A small boy found a coloured piece of glass on a Mill floor. As he held the glass up to the light the sun shone through the glass creating a beautiful display of coloured rays all around him. So…