Framing Precious Items…Baby’s Firsts!

Babies do not stay small for long. Before you know it, they are all grown-up and nappies, dummies and baby blankets will seem like a distant memory. Its no surprise then that many parents save many of their baby items to reminisce about in the future. These items all too often get placed in a box…


Rod willis - Artwork in Progress 4

Our Summer Exhibition through our customers eyes!

Our current summer exhibition at our art gallery in Ironbridge has already been enjoyed by visitors from far and wide. We could tell you all of the reasons why you should come and visit but we thought we would let our customer feedback speak for itself: “Really pleased we came in! We have some of…


Abstract Expressionism

How to Stretch and Frame Art on Canvas

Many Artists tend to use pre stretched, treated and sized Canvas when creating their Artwork. However due to a number of reasons, including transportation and storage, Artwork on Canvas can often be purchased off their stretcher bars leaving it to the customer to stretch and frame the Artwork before hanging it on their walls! This gives you lots…


Carborundum Powder


A small description.  Carborundum is a grit that is used in Lithography to help ground the stones down so that the surface of the stone is perfect to draw and print from. There are three different kinds of Carborundum grit used – Rough, medium and fine, which slowly but surely creates a fine beautiful surface…