If you have a bed size that you would like, but do not see in our standard range of printing presses then we can make you a bespoke size press to suit your every need.wallpaper press

Get in contact with us for a bespoke printing press quote.

We have made many bespoke presses over the years. The largest one was for Dave Gunning himself who designed the presses over 40 years ago. He made many 8 foot x 4 foot steel etched plates and wanted to get some prints from the plates before they went on their exhibition tour around the UK.

You can have any colour as well as any printing bed size, for a quote just get in touch.

Etching press made to measure

We also make jigs for paper and plate registration. When working big it is important to know where your paper and plate are going so we make jigs suited to the kind of work you will be doing to help you.

As an example our wallpaper press and jig is amazing to help you print rolls of wallpaper, registering your plates on the roll of wallpaper, one after the other.