Our art gallery is among one of the largest private Galleries within Shropshire, The West Midlands and Wales. We have a beautiful industrial brick and wood timer frame building with 40ft high ceiling that include a total of 104 glass panels. Originally constructed by the Coalbrookdale company in 1890 as a foundry building it makes a beautiful art gallery situated right next to the River Severn with its own private patio with beautiful views straight out to the river. We have high footfall from both local trade, tourism and Art collectors and enthusiasts alike and we are proud to be a lively hub for artists and art lovers alike.

The family’s fine art printmaking business (Gunning Arts) has been running for over forty years and 16 years ago we relocated from the West Midlands to Shropshire and our gallery Ironbridge Fine Arts has been open to the public within Ironbridge for the past 12 years. We were the first business within Merrythought Village to push local art, support real artists and strive to raise the level of arts within Shropshire. We have and continue to work with schools, universities, colleges, individuals, art group and art societies across Shropshire, the UK and the world. Our passion for printmaking and raising the awareness, profile and accessibility of printmaking and fine art grow daily as we see the joy that it brings people. We love what we do and we love seeing the positive effect and support that we can give to our customers.

As real artists and printmakers ourselves we can see the artistic world from your point of view, we know the dedication, passion and drive that is needed to produce Artwork and be successful. As a business we have a range of services for every requirement that you may have; from workshops that teach you the art of printmaking and drawing, selling Gunning Arts printing press, Giclee printing and scanning, Framing Artwork to Guild commended standards and selling incredible Artwork within our beautiful gallery.

Throughout the year we have various exhibitions including Artwork from our Core Artists. Our Art Gallery is open for general public Tuesday – Friday 10-5pm and Saturday 10-3pm and closed for private appointments on Sunday and Monday. As a gallery continuing to support local Art we offer three exhibitions each year to specially selected artists. Should you wish to be considered as a guest Artist please contact us on 01952434033 to arrange an appointment or email your proposal to info@shropshirefinearts.co.uk. Please note that we are unable to see your artwork if you do not make an appointment.

We have a total of Five areas within the Gallery for different work and exhibitions. Gallery 1 and 2 are used for Guest Artists. 

Gallery 1 – Total of 22.87m2 of hanging space comprising of the following wall space..

•2.12m Height  x 3.9m Width

•2.12m Height  x 3.9m Width

•2.12m Height  x 1.8m Width

•2.12m Height  x 1.2m Width


Gallery 2 – Total of 32.84m2 of hanging space comprising of the following wall space..

•2.12m Height  x 1.2m Width

•2.12m Height  x 3.2m Width

•2.12m Height  x 4.3m Width

•2.12m Height  x 5.8m Width

•2.12m Height  x 1m Width