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Our Fine Art Gallery & Printmaking Studio

Our beautiful fine art gallery, printmaking studio and Framing workshop is located in the heart of Ironbridge. The attractive industrial brick and wood timber frame building, with a 40ft high ceiling, is the perfect setting.

We are proud to be a lively hub for artists and art lovers alike here at Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing offering a huge array of services, products, and workshops.

With over forty years of experience, at Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing, we continue to work with a wide range of people. Many artists, schools, individuals, art groups and art societies come to our print studio to learn about the art of printmaking as well as offering Guild Certified Framing and Art Sure approved Giclee Printing. 

Our work has been carried out across Shropshire, the UK and right across the world.

Our fine art gallery runs on our passion for printmaking. Similarly, we put our passion into raising the awareness, profile, and accessibility of printmaking and fine art into everything we do. Our passion grows daily; as we see the joy that it brings people. We love what we do and enjoy seeing the positive effect and support that we can give to our customers.

As artists ourslves, we know the dedication, passion, and drive that goes into producing artwork and being successful. As a business, we offer a range of services for every requirement that you may have. This ranges from drawing workshops, teaching the art of printmaking in our printmaking studio and being the sole distributor of the Gunning Arts Printing Presses. We also carry out giclee printing and scanning, as well as artwork framing to guild-commended standards. Moreover, we also sell incredible artwork within our beautiful fine art gallery!

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GunningArts Etching Printing Presses for Sale

Our range of etching printing presses give outstanding results, offering reliability and flexibility. They are trusted by academic organisations and by thousands of artists around the world of all skill levels. All print both Intaglio and Relief, from thin etchings and dry points put to thick woodblocks and anything in between. Runners and blanket are provided with each press so your ready to print.

Etching Printing Press No. 4 Geared

Rated 0 out of 5
£ 4,900.00£ 7,200.00

Etching Printing Press No. 4 XL

Rated 0 out of 5
£ 4,800.00£ 6,550.00

Etching Printing Press No. 3 Geared

Rated 0 out of 5
£ 3,480.00£ 5,325.00

Etching Printing Press No. 3 XL

Rated 0 out of 5
£ 3,330.00£ 4,675.00

Etching Printing Press No. 2 Geared

Rated 0 out of 5
£ 2,370.00£ 3,935.00

Etching Printing Press No. 2 XL

Rated 0 out of 5
£ 2,170.00£ 3,285.00

Little Thumper Bench Top Etching Press

Rated 0 out of 5
£ 1,225.00£ 1,625.00

Featured Artwork

Current Exhibition

Dave Gunning Art Exhibition at Ironbridge Fine Arts

Ironbridge Fine Arts Winter Exhibition

 1st December  – 26th February

With an incredible lineup of Artists including our very own Jenny Gunning, Dave Gunning and Liz Gunning as well as featured Artists Mark Lord, Sam Davis, James Millipchamp and Rosie Lavis. Discover new works from our Core Artists including Paul Gooderham, Liz Simmons, Diana Wayne and Greg Anston-Race.

Our Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

We look forward to seeing you!

Latest News


Liz Gunning Pottery Collection

A R T I S T   I N S I G H T “In my ceramic creations, I tap into an inner well of creativity. Navigating the artistic process, I surrender to the influences of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. I believe that the Earth provides us with the foundational clay, Water enables the smooth...


Which blanket is right for you?

Below are our recommendations of what blanket or blankets to use and what combination to use when you are printing the different plates. Blankets are in order of preference.  Plate – 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm float Glass will print very well with… to the same thickness of the glass your printing and then either the...


Lucia Fraser: Where Nature Inspires Abstract Art & Ceramics

Paintings and Ceramics by Lucia Fraser Get ready for a captivating journey through art and nature as we prepare to unveil Lucia Fraser’s forthcoming exhibition from March 1st to May 28th, 2024. Lucia Fraser is a multidisciplinary artist based in the Shropshire Hills. Finding inspiration from the natural world she creates work that is gestural and...


Celebrating Nature: Faith's Artistry at Ironbridge Fine Arts Spring 2024

Celebrating Nature: Faith’s Artistry at Ironbridge Fine Arts Spring Exhibition Join us for an exquisite journey through the world of printmaking at the upcoming Ironbridge Fine Arts Spring Exhibition, happening from March 1st to May 28th, 2024. We are thrilled to present Faith, a talented printmaker hailing from her studio in North Cornwall. Her artistry...


Reverie in Shropshire: James Millichamp's Abstract Vision

James Millicamp’s Exhibition at Ironbridge Fine Arts We take great pleasure in showcasing the talented artist James Millichamp as a prominent figure in our Winter Exhibition for 2023. Millichamp, a dedicated artist and educator, is deeply rooted in Shropshire and the West Midlands. He pursued his artistic journey at The School of Art, University of...


Unveiling the Ocean's Magic: Rosie Lavis' Printmaking Exhibition at Ironbridge Fine Arts

Rosie Lavis’ Printmaking Exhibition at Ironbridge Fine Arts Art has an incredible power to transport us to different worlds, stirring our emotions and sparking our imagination. Rosie Lavis, a talented lino print artist hailing from Bristol, UK, possesses a unique gift for weaving the enchanting beauty of the ocean and the natural world into her...


Winter 2023 Exhibition Featuring Sam Davis

https://youtu.be/eKgBmMU-v5w Discover the World Through Sam’s Lens Meet Sam, a photographer whose journey began at the intersection of passion and adventure. For him, photography is more than just a craft; it’s a gateway to the extraordinary. Join us in an extraordinary exhibition that showcases Sam’s deep connection with the outdoors, capturing the essence of his...