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Our Fine Art Gallery & Printmaking Studio

Our beautiful fine art gallery, printmaking studio and Framing workshop is located in the heart of Ironbridge. The attractive industrial brick and wood timber frame building, with a 40ft high ceiling, is the perfect setting.

We are proud to be a lively hub for artists and art lovers alike here at Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing offering a huge array of services, products, and workshops.

With over forty years of experience, at Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing, we continue to work with a wide range of people. Many artists, schools, individuals, art groups and art societies come to our print studio to learn about the art of printmaking as well as offering Guild Certified Framing and Art Sure approved Giclee Printing. 

Our work has been carried out across Shropshire, the UK and right across the world.

Our fine art gallery runs on our passion for printmaking. Similarly, we put our passion into raising the awareness, profile, and accessibility of printmaking and fine art into everything we do. Our passion grows daily; as we see the joy that it brings people. We love what we do and enjoy seeing the positive effect and support that we can give to our customers.

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As artists ourslves, we know the dedication, passion, and drive that goes into producing artwork and being successful. As a business, we offer a range of services for every requirement that you may have. This ranges from drawing workshops, teaching the art of printmaking in our printmaking studio and being the sole distributor of the Gunning Arts Printing Presses. We also carry out giclee printing and scanning, as well as artwork framing to guild-commended standards. Moreover, we also sell incredible artwork within our beautiful fine art gallery!

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GunningArts Etching Printing Presses for Sale

Our range of etching printing presses give outstanding results, offering reliability and flexibility. They are trusted by academic organisations and by thousands of artists around the world of all skill levels. All print both Intaglio and Relief, from thin etchings and dry points put to thick woodblocks and anything in between. Runners and blanket are provided with each press so your ready to print.

Current Exhibition

Ironbridge Fine Arts Exhibition Open Evening 2024

Ironbridge Fine Arts Spring Exhibition

Step into creativity and inspiration at our Spring Exhibition at Ironbridge Fine Arts. Explore a diverse showcase featuring captivating printmaking, intricate drawings, vibrant paintings, stunning photography, exquisite pottery, dazzling jewelry, and beautiful fused glassware.

Our featured artists bring their unique talents to the forefront, each offering a distinct perspective and style. Meet our Featured Artists:

Jenny Gunning
Lucia Fraser
Karen Ulph
Faith Chevannes
Mark Lord
Linda Samuel

We look forward to welcoming you!

Our Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

Latest News


Geared Etching Press

In the heart of every printmaker’s studio should lie tools that enable the printmaker to make prints easily and reliably. The Geared Etching Press make that possible – the Gunning Etching Presses are masterpieces, designed not just to meet the expectations of printmakers but to surpass them. We make Geared Etching Presses as well as...


Gunning Etching Presses

Since 1980, we’ve been pioneers in the art of engineering Gunning Etching Presses, meticulously designing and hand-building each one ourselves. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond manufacturing – we are dedicated printmakers who utilize our presses in our work. This very unique perspective ensures that every Gunning Etching Press our family business builds is of...


Printing with Stef: Getting to know my press.

I’m not a stranger to printmaking and presses- I specialised in the subject when training to be an art teacher in 2000. As a process it was exciting and I longed to take the whole package into my classroom and spread the printmaking magic. My first classroom even had an etching press bolted to the...


Jenny Gunning Printmaker, Judging for the RBSA 2024 Print Prize Exhibition

 2024 Print Prize at The Royal Society of Artists. Jenny Gunning Printmaker: Judging Excellence at the 2024 Print Prize by The Royal Society of Artists I had the honour of being invited as a judge for an extraordinary exhibition in Birmingham, and what a remarkable show it turned out to be! With just one week...


Liz Gunning Ceramic - Spring Exhibition 2024

Celebrating… The blues of the oceans and the greens of the meadows, Combine these with the alchemy of the Phoenix, And the mud of Mother Earth. So, I give in to the shape forming that expresses a deep gratitude of simply being alive. Feel their energies and sink into the blue oceans of time, And...


Colour mixing printing inks

In this blog, we delve into the art of mixing printing inks to create your perfect colour palette using the fundamental principles of colour mixing. With just five essential colours at your disposal, you’ll be amazed at the endless possibilities you can create. These colours include the staples: Black, White, Blue or Cyan, Yellow, and...


Ironbridge Fine Arts Spring 2024 Fine Art Exhibition

With an incredible lineup of Artists including our very own Jenny Gunning, Liz Gunning as well as featured Artists Lucia Fraser, Karen Ulph, Faith Chevannes and Linda Samuel. Discover new works from our Core Artists including Mark Lord, Paul Gooderham, Liz Simmons, Eric Gaskell, Diana Wayne and Greg Anston-Race.


Choose your press colour

Upgrade your press and make it uniquely yours! Say goodbye to standard black and hello to a world of color with our RAL Color customization options. Explore a spectrum of vibrant hues to match your style, personality and brand. Visit our gallery to view our RAL Color book, brimming with options for your choosing. Or,...