COVID-19 Update

First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are all keeping safe and well and remain so.

In line with Government guidelines our Gallery and Printmaking Studios are now open to the general public.

While we wish that all of our customers enjoy their visit it is imperative that we adhere to the safety rules regarding social distancing in order to maintain the safety of both our customers and staff alike.

All Printing Presses and Artwork can be purchased in our Gallery and Print Studios as well as online and we will continue to dispatch all orders within our normal turn around times.

If you would like to arrange an appointment with us to view Printing Presses, Artwork or Framing then please call us on 01952434033 – Option 1 for Framing, Giclee Printing & Art Gallery or Option 2 for Printing Presses, Printmaking Materials & Workshops.


Our Fine Art Gallery & Printmaking Studio

Our beautiful fine art gallery and printmaking studio is located in the heart of Ironbridge. The attractive industrial brick and wood timber frame building, with a 40ft high ceiling, is the perfect home for our gallery. We are proud to be a lively hub for artists and art lovers alike here at Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing.

With over forty years of experience, at Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing, we continue to work with a wide range of people. Many artists, schools, individuals, art groups and art societies come to our printmaking studio to learn about the art of printmaking. Our work has been carried out across Shropshire, the UK and right across the world.

Our fine art gallery runs on our passion for printmaking. Similarly, we put our passion into raising the awareness, profile, and accessibility of printmaking and fine art into everything we do. Our passion grows daily; as we see the joy that it brings people. We love what we do and enjoy seeing the positive effect and support that we can give to our customers.

As real artists, we know the dedication, passion, and drive that goes into producing artwork and being successful. As a business, we offer a range of services for every requirement that you may have. This ranges from drawing workshops, teaching the art of printmaking in our printmaking studio and being the sole distributor of the Gunning Arts Printing Presses. We carry out giclee printing and scanning, as well as artwork framing to guild-commended standards. Moreover, we also sell incredible artwork within our beautiful fine art gallery!

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GunningArts Etching Printing Presses for Sale

Our range of etching printing presses give outstanding results, offering reliability and flexibility. They are trusted by academic organisations and by thousands of artists around the world of all skill levels. All print both Intaglio and Relief, from thin etchings and dry points put to thick woodblocks and anything in between. Runners and blanket are provided with each press so your ready to print.
Etching Press

Little Thumper

£950 – £1230

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Etching Press

Etching Printing Press No.1

£950 – £1953

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Etching Press

Etching Printing Press No. 2

£1495 – £2265

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Gunning Etching Press

Etching Printing Press No. 3

£2830 – £3750

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Etching Press

Etching Printing Press No. 4

£4000 – £5175

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Featured Artwork

Current Exhibition

Ironbridge Art Gallery

Our Spring Exhibition will run till the end of May 2020. The exhibition features a wide range of Artists including

Our Spring Exhibition was delayed for the first few weeks of March due to unprecedented flooding in Ironbridge however we are pleased to announce the exhibition is now on display including an incredible collection of local Artists with a huge range of mediums and subjects. Oil Paintings by Hannah Broadhead, Limestone Sculptures by Robert Bowers as well as Charcoal drawings by Jade Coldicott (formerly Mawson).


None of our exhibitions would be complete without including Liz Gunning’s incredible Eatherware and Raku pottery collection, Jenny Gunnings fascinating range of Intaglio Etchings focusing on Shropshire’s beautiful landscape and Trees as well as abstract pieces with fascinating texture and colour and Dave Gunnings rare glimpse at the 110 Etchings that are in the Queen’s private collection.

Micheal Crompton – Mono Prints and 3D Printed Sculptures

Jade Coldicott – Photorealistic Charlocal and Ink Drawings

Robert Bowers – Collection of intimate sculptures based upon form and function

Hannah Broadhead – Beautiful collection of oil on board paintings

Liz Gunning- A treasure of a pottery collection including Eatherware and Raku and of course her signature Hares

Jenny Gunning – Incredible range of Intaglio Etchings focusing on Shropshire’s beautiful landscape and Trees as well as absract peices with fascinating texture and colour.

Dave Gunning – A rare glimps at the 110 Etchings that are in teh Queens private collection.

Geraldine McGlouchlin – Glassworks experimenting with colour and changing reflections


Also on display is a large selection Etched sterling silver Jewellery by Jo Mollart Highfield, Limited Edition Photographs by Sarah Morris,  Janet Jordan’s amazing Etched Prints, Paul Gooderhams display of incredible Pottery, Fused Glass by Greg Anston Race, sculpture and Copper jewellery by Jo Jukes as well as exquisite Handmade Etched sterling silver Jewellery by Liz Simmons.

The Gallery is free of charge to the general public Tuesday to Friday 10am till 5pm and Saturday 10am till 3pm. For private appointments or for further information please contact us on 01952434033.

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